Apps that all landlords should use

Apps that all landlords should use

Thanks to modern technology, Landlords no longer need to go it alone. In fact, with just a few handy apps on your smartphone or tablet, you can manage portfolios of almost any size with ease! 

Just like the property market, there are plenty of apps to choose from. So, to help you separate the good from the bad, here are the apps that all Landlords should use! 

Property and Portfolio Management Apps 

For your property management needs, these are the apps for you. 

DIY Landlord - Free, iOS & Android 

Who better to make an app for landlords than landlords? Well, this was the inspiration behind DIY Landlord. The main dashboard of the app contains key information such as when rent is due or overdue and other cashflow details all in one place. Keep in mind it is a US-based app, but it can definitely still work for you! 

Landlord Vision - 14 Day Free Trial, iOS & Android 

Landlord Vision offers accounting tools for residential landlords with the help of the cloud. It can store important documents, scan receipts, collect and manage rent, manage tenancy agreements, and more. 

Landlord Studio - 30 Day Free Trial, iOS & Android

If you have a portfolio of 4 properties or more, this could be the app for you. Landlord Studio is software that can be used on your phone and computer to manage all of the properties within your portfolio in one place. Through the dashboard and inbox, you can manage expenses, invoices, rental payments and even calculate predicted rental yields. 

The software can also create reports that will be helpful come tax time and you can set reminders so you don’t forget important tasks. 

Landlordy - Free Version Available, iOS & Android

This is an app designed to help you manage and collect rental payments. Through the free version, you can make use of accounting features and reminders to help you stay on top of things. The free version only allows you to manage one property though. The paid version offers more features and allows you to use the app for more than one property. 

Short Term Rental Apps

Don’t worry short term landlords, we’ve got you covered too! 

Air BnB - Free, iOS & Android

Air BnB is a popular app for those offering holiday and short term rentals of their property. You can post photos, collect reviews, and promote your property to a global audience. The app is popular, so you will be competing with other listings in your local area. 

Guesty - Free Trial, iOS & Android 

Guesty is your one-stop-shop for all of your property management needs if you specialise in short term rentals. You can use it to view and manage your bookings, track the growth of your business, and even integrate popular short-term listing websites into the app! 

Maintenance and Repairs

Finding trustworthy tradespeople when you need them isn’t always easy. Luckily these apps can help! 

Trust-a-Trader - Free, iOS & Android 

Trust-a-trader can be used to find tradespeople who can assist with the maintenance of your property. The app will show you professionals in your local area who have been reviewed and rated by other users. This way you can hire someone with more confidence than you would after seeing a name and number in the paper. 

Checkatrade - Free, iOS & Android

Checkatrade is a website and app that offers a similar service to Trust-a-trader. It can be used to find trustworthy professionals in your local area when you need them. Everyone on the platform has reviews and ratings, helping you to make an informed decision. 

Kaptur Inventory Pro - Multiple Price Options, iOS & Android

In days gone by, managing property inventories at the start or finish of a tenancy was very tricky. Thanks to apps like Kaptur Inventory Pro, these days are long gone. Kaptur allows you to take and store an unlimited amount of photos and access other features including the ability to create custom reports, take signatures, create task lists and even record voice notes. 

Finding Tenants

If you’re on the hunt for tenants, you can these apps to find your newest residents. 

Rightmove/Zoopla/Spare Room - Free versions available, iOS & Android

These apps all offer variations of the same service - finding tenants. You can use the app or desktop versions to advertise and fill either a single room or an entire property that you own. These apps can also provide valuable insight into the current market, showing trends, prices, market expectations, and other helpful information. 

Final Thoughts

What are you waiting for? Jump on the app store, create the necessary accounts, and start managing your portfolio more efficiently today!