A free, simple and ready to go revenue generator for your lettings agency.

Partner with Billing Better to unlock a new monthly revenue stream of £20.00 per property, per month, whilst helping your tenants with their home move.

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Helping you help your tenants.

Here at Billing Better, we understand that moving home can be a challenging time. That's why we've developed a service built around making life easy and stress free when it comes to setting up and managing household bills.

We're now giving agents the opportunity to offer our service to their tenants through our portal. It's free, easy to use and branded for your company.

A portal made for agents.

Working alongside agents and industry experts, we've developed a portal that has everything you need.

A simple dashboard.

All orders submitted can be seen within your dashboard.

Here, you can see a summary of the orders and filter the results based on the branch, negotiator and order status.

A branded, tenant website.

Tenants can sign up to the service themselves through your branded bills website.

Whether you use the bills website as a feature of your business, or simply include a URL to tenant emails, we'll automatically create you a website explaining the service from a tenant's perspective.

Add branches and view their performance.

If you're a group agent, you can give your branches their own portal, enabling you to compare their sales.

Staff and tenant videos.

We'll provide you with training videos for your staff, as well as a tenant focussed video explaining the service and how it works.

Why partner with Billing Better?

Help your tenants

Billing Better set up and manage household bills for tenants, facilitating one monthly payment and one account manager for all household services.

Earn and save time

As well as earning £20.00 per property, per month for each property that signs up to Billing Better, we'll help improve team efficiency by dealing with utility notifications.

Free and ready to go

Our partner portal has been set up with simplicity in mind. We know your time is limited, that's why we've put everything in place to enable you to hit the ground running.

Ranked No 1

We're proud to be ranked the number one household bills package provider on Trustpilot by our customers. Our aim is to deliver bills simplicity with fantastic customer service.
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