Earn and help your tenants.

Introducing Billing Better. The easiest way to guarantee additional monthly revenue and be different from your competitors.

A partnership that works with the tenant fee ban.

As an agent, your options for generating revenue have changed since the Tenant Fee Ban has come into play in June 2019. Billing Better offer a 100% compliant partnership plan, enabling your company to replace the revenue you have lost, whilst delivering a service your tenants want.

Billing Better help tenants to pay one monthly amount for all their household bills, whilst providing dedicated customer support throughout a tenancy to ensure all household bills are paid for.

Don't take out word for it...

Why agents choose us


“Billing Better has made handling our portfolio of properties so much easier. It was very time consuming having to hunt around for the best/cheapest supplier and having everything done for you and just one monthly invoice for all utilities is fantastic”
Nick Houghton, Director
Preston Baker

"We're really pleased to be offering a value adding service to our tenants with Billing Better and have been impressed with how the service benefits our tenants and their moving experience."
SJ Taylor, Operations Director
Urban Shared

"Billing Better have helped our company to offer an even better all inclusive rental solution to our housemates, which helps us to be one step ahead of competition in London. We're really pleased with their professionalism and would recommend their service to other companies.
Dan Jackson, Director
what we're offering

We work with agents in 2 ways

Package 1
Rent your homes with rent and bills included

Begin offering all inclusive renting to your tenants, so that they only pay one amount per month for their rent and bills.

All bills are managed by Billing Better and the tenants are given a dedicated account manager who communicates with the tenants throughout their tenancy.

Earn £50.00 per property, per month / £600.00 per property, per year.
Package 2
Refer your tenants to Billing Better

Refer your tenants direct to Billing Better so that your tenants pay one amount per month for their rent and another amount direct to Billing Better for their bills.

We'll provide you with a co-branded website so that your tenants and agents can sign up within two minutes.

Earn £20.00 per property, per month / £240.00 per property, per year.

We put tenants first...

By working with 1,000s of tenants, we understand the key pain points when it comes to household bills:

A single point of contact for all bills: Our account managers create WhatsApp group chats with tenants to ensure all bills are dealt with and are on hand for any issues throughout the tenancy.

Understanding bills: No one wants to be stung with a bill at the end of the tenancy. Our team track energy usage to ensure tenants are never left with an unexpected bill they can't pay.

...and ensure landlords have less to worry about.

It's not just the tenants we take care of either. We know that landlords worry about utilities, particularly when they are not set up or paid for properly.

Our bills experts ensure all bills are set up and paid for correctly throughout the tenancy and as tenants leave their properties.

What we are best at

You'll love to work with us

Provide the best service
Billing Better are the #1 rated bills package provider on Trustpilot.
We deal with the tenants
Direct communication with tenants means less inbound calls to you.
Replace lost revenue
The revenue earned from Billing Better can replace and exceed tenant fees.
Landlords rest assured
All bills set up and paid for during and by the end of the tenancy.
Your own portal
One portal to see all current properties and be able to add new properties.
Void period bills
Billing Better pay for the energy bills within void periods * Bills Included Plan.
Our process is simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Bills included is just for students, isn't it?

No! We're finding more and more professionals sign up to our service for the convenience of having all their bills managed in one place.

How does your void management scheme work?

If you use our Bills Included package, we will pay for the energy bills within your properties during any void periods for up to 28 days.

Who deals with customer issues? For example, if the internet stops working

Billing Better. We create WhatsApp group chats with tenants to provide the most simple and straightforward communication with a real UK based account manager (no chat bots).

What happens if tenants build up a big energy bill?

Billing Better work with tenants throughout their tenancy to ensure that usage is understood and explained. Tenants know that if they use too much energy their bill is increased, likewise if they use less then they can get a refund.

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