How it works

Gone are the days of spending time waiting on hold on the phone and receiving unexplained bills you don't know what to do with.

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What we believe in

Spend your time doing the things you love, not worrying about your bills.

Step 1

Build your bills package

Using our dynamic quote builder, you'll be able to choose the services you need for your home. From the basics, such as energy and water, to choosing the right speed internet for your requirements and whether you'd like to add a Sky TV package.

Build your Billing Better bills package
Step 2

Invite your housemates

Billing Better is your dedicated house manager and we'll chase your housemates for their bills money each month, so you don't have to. Only pay for your share of the bills each month and have comfort knowing you won't be having awkward money chats with your housemates.

Invite all your housemates to Billing Better
Step 3

We'll set up your bills

Once you've built your package and created your account with Billing Better, our team of bills experts will begin setting up your bills leaving no stone unturned to ensure you move into your home and have everything ready.

Billing Better takes care of setting all your bills up for you
Step 4

Pay your share

Each month, you'll then be charged on amount for all your bills. No more multiple direct debits, just one simple monthly payment on the 1st of the month to cover all your bills.

Automated payments go out each month for your bills!
Our process is simple

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you communicate with us?

We communicate with our customers via live chat and email on Monday to Friday between 8-8.

What happens if a housemate doesn't pay?

We will speak with the housemate and look to charge them again, or offer a payment plan if necessary.

Let us be your bills organiser.

Set up all your bills in two minutes with Billing Better.
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