What we believe in

Making bills easy isn't easy. We're determined to help people to manage their money, in a Better way.

Today's society demands instant action from services, yet utilities and bills are living in a 20th century bubble that's proven pretty tough to burst (on the whole). We realise that bills aren't easy for people whether you're a student setting up and dealing with bills for the first time, or a home owner who has received an unexplained bill or price increase notice.

We've built Billing Better to provide a transition from archaic methods of setting up and managing bills, to a seamless all-in-one platform that aims to combine innovative technology with good old fashioned customer service.

We believe that we can offer renters both peace of mind knowing that they have one point of contact for all their household services, but also a money-managing tool that helps our customers to know exactly how much they are spending on bills each month so that they aren't getting caught out by a unexplained direct debit payment one day before payday.

Our aim is to bring bills up to speed with the way we live today, whilst providing an exceptional level of service.

Jack Ray, Founder & CEO.

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