About us

We're on a mission to help people to manage their money in a better way.


Being part of the solution, not the problem.

We know that we're trying to solve a pretty massive problem with utilities. We don't always get things right the first time, but we're on a mission to try to make managing bills better for everyone.
Technology First
We're pioneering the way forward to build the technology required to make bills better for our customers.
Customer Centric
Our focus has to be on ensuring that we are building a product that genuinely solves problems for home movers & letting agents.
Passion over Pedigree
We hire for passion, because passionate people can overcome any obstacle and acquire any knowledge necessary.
Move fast
No waiting in lines. No servers that are down every second day. No lagging websites. Fast service that keeps us on top.
Be a good person
We believe in being straight-forward, transparent and clear with our customers and colleagues. But most of all, being a good person.
Be better
Strive to be faster, kinder, more productive and more disruptive to achieve our goals of providing the best possible service.

Our journey so far

Billing Better is born.
Our founder, Jack, started the company off the back of some terrible experiences with managing utilities in shared housing.
Our first customers
In 2017, we learned from our first customers whilst developing relationships with industry suppliers and partners.
Our first lettings partners
Learning from letting agents enabled us to understand the problems faced for both tenants and letting agents with utilities.
1,000 customers!
1,000 customers using our bills package product was a huge milestone and real validation for the problem we're solving.
300 letting agent partners
As we developed our lettings product, we begun to work with more letting agent clients, allowing us to access more home movers.
We've helped 10,000 home movers!
At the start of 2021, we achieved the milestone of having helped 10,000 home movers to set up their bills
Your team of bill lovers

Our Team

Jack Ray
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Will Hyde
Chief Operating Officer
Tom Ray
Chief Product Officer
Anne Bose
Head of Operations
David Ray
Chief Commercial Officer
Emily Penn
Rachel Trathen-Harris
Christian White
Chanelle Blount
Customer Service
Matt Everton
Head of Growth
Harriet Cast
Growth Team Member
Phil Semmens
Growth Team Member
Tamara Armstrong
Marketing Executive
Adam Green
Finance Manager
Sam Wimshurst
Lead Developer
Chloe Skinner
Move In Specialist
Robbie Higgs
Move In Specialist
Rosie Kirk
Move In Specialist
Alex Robertson
Move In Specialist
Head of Ham Hunting
Barketing Execuative
Cuddles Specialist
Senior Salmon Sampler
Chief Chicken Chaser