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Also... Amazon Prime is included, on us!

Instantly set up all your household bills for your home and only pay one monthly amount for your share of the bills.

Our process is simple

How it works

Step 1 of how Billing Better works: Build your bills package
step 1
Build your bills package
Using our market leading quote generator, instantly get a free quote for the cost of all your household bills in your home.
Step 2 of how Billing Better works: Invite all your housemates to setup their payments
step 2
Invite your housemates
If you're living with housemates, add them to your order so that we can charge you each individually for your share of the bills.
Step 4 of how Billing Better works: The payment automatically comes out of your account each month
step 4
Pay your monthly share
Once all bills are set up, you and your housemates are charged one monthly amount to cover your share of the bills. No more chasing for money!
Step 3 of how Billing Better works: We'll go ahead and setup all the bills
step 3
We'll set up all your bills
Once all housemates have set up their payments, our team of bills experts will begin setting up your chosen bills for your home.

"Time and money saver."

"Very easy to work with, solve any issues quickly. Great deal and saves us a lot of effort and money!"

Ben, a Billing Better customer since 2018.

Billing Better is a time and money saver!
What we are best at

We cover all the bills. With free perks and discounts.

Energy Bill
Renewable gas and electricity for your home, managed by Billing Better with smart meters installed as soon as possible by the energy supplier.
Water Bill
Your clean and waste water set up and paid for as part of your package, so that you can shower, bath and have garden water fights with no issues.
Council Tax Bill
Council Tax
Unless you're a student, you'll need to be paying council tax. Our expert account managers will set up and apply for discounts where required.
TV Licence Bill
TV Licence
Legally, you'll need a TV License if you're watching live or catch-up TV. Add this to your plan for peace of mind.
Amazon Prime
Next day broadband
If you choose BFast when signing up, you can get your internet installed within 48 hours.
Sky TV Bill
TV Package
Going direct to Sky, you can only have 18 month contracts. Through us you can have a Sky TV package for the length of your tenancy.
Wifi Bill
Billing Better offer a wide range of internet speeds and pricing models to suit your requirements.
Some services may not be available in your area.
Amazon Prime
Perks & Discounts
Save money with access to hundreds of discounts from companies like ASOS, Tesco, IKEA & many more!
A little about us

Why choose Billing Better to set up your bills?

In an age of Teslas, virtual reality and Alexa, it's a shame that bills have not evolved to be as simple as they should be. That's why we at Billing Better have created a seamless and simple way to manage your bills.

A couple of minutes to set up, and then a dedicated UK based account manager for your whole tenancy to manage your bills for you, directly contactable via live chat and email.

Why choose Billing Better to setup your bills?
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Our process is simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my monthly payments stay the same?

Our prices are set based on the amount of energy and water we think you will use for a home of your size. If you use more energy or water than we have included within your plan, we will increase your payments during your tenancy. However, if you use less, then we will refund you any credit at the end of your tenancy.

We don’t believe in offering unlimited energy as it will be more expensive than you need to pay for and is bad for the environment.

Our prices are setup to be accurate and over 85% of our customers have not had to have their monthly prices change.

What happens if we use too much energy?

We’ll warn you about your usage and give you energy saving tips. You’ll then get one month to bring your usage down, before we have to increase your bill. Remember, if you use less energy than allocated, you’ll get money back at the end of the year!

How long will my internet take to install?

Our quickest internet provider offers installation within 48 hours (as of June 2020). Choose BFast as your internet provider when getting your quote

Let us be your bills organiser.

Set up all your bills in two minutes with Billing Better.
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