University Teams & Societies

Raise money for your team or society and save money in your own student home.
Looking for a sponsor for your university team or society? Look no further...
Become sponsored by Billing Better and earn money to go towards your funding.
By using our service, your university colleagues will also save money on their utility bills.

How we work with student teams  and societies.

As well as being university graduates, the Billing Better team have also been presidents, social secretaries and captains of university sports teams and societies.

Because of this, we understand what university teams and societies want from a sponsor- as much money as possible for as little work as possible.

Billing Better will pay your university team/society a sponsorship for every referral that is made from your team/society that results in a student home setting up a bills package with our OneBill service.

So, if you are a big sports team with 100 members or a small society with just a few members we want to hear from you and help to raise funds for your team/society.

How much can you earn? That depends on how many properties sign up through your team or society, but to give you a rough idea, five properties using OneBill could earn your society £350.

University team and society sign ups also benefit from an exclusive free reward...

Enjoy Netflix (and chill) for the whole year at uni with a free 4 Screens + Ultra HD Netflix plan for you and your housemates with any OneBill order.

*Your free reward must be claimed by entering your team/society's code when ordering the One Bill Package and only lasts for the length of the tenancy at the student property.

What is OneBill?

The OneBill service enables students to set up all their bills and only pay for their share of the bills once per month. OneBill enables students to save money by taking advantage of our exclusive offers, approximately 18 hours of admin time and countless awkward arguments having to ask housemates for money.

It takes the average housemate 3 minutes 38 seconds to set up their bills package in three simple steps:

Build your package

Invite your housemates

Set up your monthly direct debit

Click here to head to the OneBill website.

How students benefit from using our service...

Save Money

The OneBill service saves the average student home £200 per year- don't worry about eating noodles anymore!

Save Time

Research shows the average house spends nine days a year on household admin. It takes just two minutes to sign up to our service...

Less Arguments

Never have to ask your housemates for a cheeky £10 for their share of the bills, we bill each housemate individually.

The Fastest Internet...

If you want fast internet, we'll make sure that you get the fastest available at your new home for a great price with our exclusive deals.

...Installed on moving day

Don't wait three weeks before the internet is set up, through our service we'll make sure you're ready to surf the net from day one.

Go green

All our bills packages come with renewable energy so you can put your mind at ease knowing you're doing your bit.

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