How to throw a house party without breaking the bank

How to throw a house party without breaking the bank

Whether you’re at uni or you’ve just moved into your first apartment and want to show it off to your friends, throwing a house party is a great idea. Not only is it cheaper than a night on the town, but you get to control who’ll be there, and there are no worries of getting a taxi when you’re ready for bed. But even with a small guest list, house parties can be expensive. 

We’ve rounded up six money-saving tips to help you celebrate, without breaking the bank… 

Ask everyone to bring a bottle

The whole point of a house party is that the host provides the entertainment space and some nibbles, the guests bring their own alcohol. Sure, you’ll need to think about mixers and some welcome drinks, but ask each of your guests to bring a bottle. You’ll save hundreds and you can relax knowing that everyone will have their favourite drink; no settling for a Blue WKD!

Create your own entertainment

It can be tempting to hire an entertainer for your party, whether a DJ or a musician, but if your budget can’t stretch to that, you don’t have to stand around in silence! Create a Spotify playlist before the party and let everyone add their favourite tunes. Light some candles and that’s your entertainment covered for just a couple of quid. Who needs Craig David!?

Repurpose an old outfit

A party means a new outfit. Or does it? Take a look through your wardrobe and see if you can put together an outfit without spending a penny. If you’re trying to impress and feel like you’ve got to wear something new, then swap dresses or shirts with one of your friends to cut costs, or repurpose an old look by accessorising with new belts, shoes, and jewellery.

Avoid disposable cutlery and cups

Plastic cups and plates are not only terrible for the environment, but they’re quite expensive if you’re buying for more than a few people. Count how many glasses and plates you have, and if you need more, buy cheap ones from a supermarket or ask a friend if you can raid their kitchen cupboard for the night. You can easily stick the dishwasher on halfway through the evening if needs be, or play a game of spin the bottle and make the loser the pot wash!

Swap takeaway pizzas for homemade snacks

Takeaway pizzas save time and help you entertain guests without slaving over the stove, but they’re also expensive. Look around for some coupons and special offers, and if you can’t find any, create your own homemade snacks for your guests. Pizzas made from tortillas are super simple to create, take a minute or two in the oven, and are healthier than shop-bought alternatives. You could even create your own ‘pizza station’ and let guests choose toppings.

Limit the guest list

Large house parties are great, but there’s no point inviting every man and his dog if you’re not going to have the space or the budget to pull it off. To save money (and avoid complaints from the neighbours) limit your guest list and make sure everyone RSVPs before they arrive; that way, you’ll relax knowing how many people to expect. Oh, and don’t advertise your party on Facebook; we all know what happens when news of a great night out spreads too quickly

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