6 things every student should do before they graduate

January 11, 2021

Those three years go by so quickly! Whether you’re in your first year or you’re gearing up to graduate this summer, the chances are that you have been thinking about what you’re going to do next. Most students leave university and go onto work placements, internships, and entry-level positions, but before you get to that stage, make these six things a top priority… 

Make the most of your student discount

We hate to break it to you, but your student discount won’t last forever. The good news is that most retailers will accept a valid student ID for a year or two after you leave, and you can score discounts on annual subscriptions on sites like Amazon and Spotify if you buy in advance whilst your university email is still active. Spend some time thinking about the deals you’ve missed out on and products or services you’re thinking of buying, and put that student discount card to good use for one last time. If you’re low on funds, you can chum up with a fresher and share their student discounts once you enter into the scary world of adulthood. 

Speak with your university’s career advisor

Totally lost? Most universities have a careers advisor on hand who can give you advice and recommendations on work placements, volunteering opportunities and more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you graduate and worry about what you’re going to do with your time, so a chat with an advisor is high on our list. You won’t have to fill in one of those awkward jobs quizzes and they won’t patronise you. They’re there to guide you on your transition into the world of work, and you’re paying for it as part of your course fees, so make the most of it!

Update your LinkedIn profile to find work

If you’re not already on LinkedIn, sign up as soon as possible and update your profile with a professional headshot and your work experience. Recruiters scour the platform for fresh meat and you might just have a job opportunity or work placement in your inbox after a few weeks. Connect with business owners and professionals in your niche, ask questions, and engage on the platform. The hard work will pay off when you’re offered a first graduate job!

Decide where you’re going to live next

Moving back home after spending three years living with your pals can be pretty tough, but it’s not the only way. If you’re able to support yourself, you might decide to rent a flat in your university town, so you’re closer to job opportunities and your friends. Remember that we offer our bills management service to young professionals as well as students, so you could enter into a new house-share with some of your coursemates and see where it takes you.

Review your finances and make some cuts

No more student loan payments for you! Before you graduate, it’s a good idea to review your current financial situation and decide how you’re going to fund your lifestyle post-education. It could be that you’re going to move back home to live with your parents, or that you’ve got a part-time job lined up while you do some work experience to build up your hours. Whatever it is, be prepared for your lifestyle to change, and consider some cuts you can make to save money. For example, do you really need Netflix, or can you make do with YouTube? Savings like these mean that you’ll have more in your bank to pay for train tickets for job interviews.

Sell your old textbooks and furniture 

Finally, get rid of things you’re not going to need post-uni. Those expensive textbooks can be sold on to first-year students and help you recoup some of your losses, and furniture from your student house can be sold on Depop or eBay. What’s more, the more you sell or donate to charity, the less you’re going to have to take with you when you move out. It’s a win-win!

There you have it - some things you need to do before you graduate. Do you have any other recommendations? Join in the conversation on social media and check back soon for more.

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