5 ways to make move-in day a breeze as a student

December 1, 2020

Moving away from home and into a shared house with strangers can be pretty overwhelming and one of the most challenging things about starting university. Though we can’t guarantee that your new flatmates are going to become BFFs or that you’re going to love your course from day one, we can give you advice on making the move-in day as stress-free as possible.

Pack an essentials bag

Unless you’re planning on spending your first three days of university life locked away in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to pack an “essentials bag” to get you started. Imagine you were going to visit your friend for a couple of days - pack a few changes of clothes, your pyjamas, toiletries, and other essentials, so you can easily access them when you arrive at university. That way, if you’re invited to a party or getting to know your housemates, you can find everything you need without having to rummage through endless bags and boxes.

Give your room a good clean

If you’re arriving at your student accommodation with your parents or in a car, leave your bags downstairs and check out your accommodation before you start unpacking. You can work out where your room is, the best way to get your belongings in and give everywhere a good clean before you move in. The last thing you want to do is fill your room, only to realise that the carpet is filthy and your drawers are full of crumbs and dust. Pack some cleaning supplies like a window cleaner, antibacterial wipes and a handheld vacuum, and give your new home a spruce up! Hopefully, this won’t be needed, but it’s wise to be prepared for it.

Arrange a click-and-collect

If you want to get super-organised before you move into your new accommodation, consider organising a click and collect from your nearest supermarket and furniture store. Rather than walking up and down the aisles wondering whether you need a pint of milk, you can create a list of groceries and essentials you need on day one, and collect them as soon as you have finished unpacking. Pens, paper, cleaning supplies, and toilet roll can be added to your list, and you can treat yourself to a ready meal to save you time and get settled in. If you don’t have a car at university or your parents have travelled home, arrange for a delivery instead.

Wear something comfortable

Move-in day is always going to be a bit awkward. You’re carrying all of your belongings into your new bedroom, saying goodbye to your loved ones, and trying to settle in. The last thing you need to worry about is making a fashion statement. Whether you’re walking up and down five flights of stairs, carrying boxes to the bin, or walking to the nearest shop for some food and a bottle of wine, it’s worth dressing down. Comfy trainers and sweatpants are ideal!

Make a great first impression

Finally, think about ways that you can make a good first impression when you meet your new housemates. You could bring a tub of Haribo and introduce yourself with a few sweets, set up your Google Home and play some of everyone’s favourite music on Spotify, or arrange to cook your famous chicken fajitas the whole house. Again, planning in advance will give you one less thing to worry about come move-in, and ensure your day goes off without a hitch!

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