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What is a Bills Package?

One Bill- The future of paying for and setting up utility bills, here's why.
One payment per person, per month to cover each person's share of all the bills.
Never have to speak with a utility bill company again, we deal with those guys.
No more asking your housemates for money for the bills, we bill each person individually.
Save money by taking advantage of our exclusive TV and Internet deals.
We use WhatsApp to speak with housemates, creating an easy communication channel.
We'll set up the internet in the property for moving day, not two weeks later.

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Using API technology and industry knowledge, we have been able to work with a number of property partners in various different ways. Our service should adapt to your business, not the other way round. So here at Billing Better, we're always open to working in different ways to offer the best experiences for our customers. Here are just some of the ways we work with property partners.

Internet Only

Take advantage of our exclusive internet (and TV) deals to offer your customers ultrafast internet set up for moving day.

Referral Scheme

Use our simple API to build your own bills service through your website or offer your customers our service directly.

Reseller Scheme

Include the cost of our bills package within your customer's "All Inclusive" rent and bills package- most popular for tenants.

Why work with us?

Just some of the reasons why adding the option of a bills package will benefit your service.

Earn a monthly revenue.

By offering our service to your customers, we will pay you a monthly commission for each house that uses our service.

Develop your business.

Using our API, you can add a white-labelled billing product to your website or app, offering further value to your service.

Take one stress away from Home Movers.

Everyone knows that utility bills are a hassle to set up and manage, offer our service that does the work for your customers.

Give the people what they want.

Research has shown that 91% of students would prefer to pay for their bills and rent together and 60% actively ask for a bills package.


Which bills are included within a bills package?

Gas and electricity, water, internet, TV, council tax and TV license. A bills package can be built by the customer or pre chosen by the partner.
Who is responsible for the bills in the property?

The tenants take responsibility for the bills in the property, not your company. If the tenant's can't pay, we deal with the tenants directly.
How much commission can my company earn?

Our commission offerings are both flexible and rewarding. As a guide, one property could earn your company £120 per year.
What internet speeds do your packages offer?

We offer the choice of standard speed internet (up to 17MBPS), fibre speed (up to 80MBPS) or ultra-fibre speed (up to 350MBPS).
What happens if the tenants over use their energy?

We ask for regular meter readings from the tenants. Using too much energy? We'll up the monthly bill from our end and notify the tenants.
I'm interested, what do I do next?

Get in touch with us below to set up an initial phone call where we can decide which option suits your company best.

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