One payment for your household bills.

Move in with your household bills set up and ready for when you pick up the keys.
How it works
Here at Williams Lynch, we've partnered with Billing Better to provide our bills packages, who are the No 1 ranked bills package providers on Trustpilot with a Trustscore of 4.4/5.

What is a bills package?

Household management made easy.

One monthly payment

All your bills set up and condensed into one monthly payment, split equally between housemates or as one household payment.

One point of contact

No more waiting on hold and speaking to different suppliers, you'll have a dedicated UK based account manager for your home.

Zero hassle

Just collect the keys and move in. We'll ensure all the hard work is done before you move in, making your home move super smooth.


Will my monthly payments stay the same?

Our prices are set based on the amount of energy and water we think you will use for a home of your size. If you use more energy or water than we have included within your plan, we will increase your payments during your tenancy. However, if you use less, then we will refund you any credit at the end of your tenancy.

We don’t believe in offering unlimited energy as it will be more expensive than you need to pay for and is bad for the environment.

Our prices are setup to be accurate and over 85% of our customers have not had to have their monthly prices change.

What happens if we use too much energy?

We’ll warn you about your usage and give you energy saving tips. You’ll then get one month to bring your usage down, before we have to increase your bill. Remember, if you use less energy than allocated, you’ll get money back at the end of the year!

How long will my internet take to install?

Our quickest internet provider offers installation within 48 hours (as of June 2020). Choose BFast as your internet provider when getting your quote